Expertise and Knowledge to create your ideal furniture.

The customer is at the heart of each SABER’s furniture designs. In order to obtain the highest qualitative standards each step of the production is realized by skilled and expert craftsmen who are able to make true signature furniture.

Furniture experts

Furniture experts

Tradition and experience

Carpenters by tradition

Carpenters by tradition

Skilled craftsmanship

Expert painters

Expert painters

Ecological beauty

Master Upholsterers

Master Upholsterers

Leather and hide manual processing

Master glassmakers

Master glassmakers

Precision and elegance


We research new woods and finishes that blend with original and distinctive design.


We pay close attention to detail in every aspect of our production.


Our assembly department expertly composes each piece of furniture with technical knowledge.


After numerous quality checks, the furniture is packed and shipped to our authorized dealers.

Technical department

Skilled technicians and designers conceive each complement with expertise and skill. A careful selection of raw materials, drawer and door closing and opening systems are combined with aesthetic taste and the search for original and ergonomic lines, in order to not only create collections which are unique in stile but also to ensure durability and efficiency to each SABER collection.

Tailored creations

Our furniture can be customized to be unique. Our technical department can recommend modifications and alternative solutions to adapt our furniture to any space. The color of each complement can also be customized upon request.

Authorized dealers

Authorized stores located in every area are able to design and customize your ideal bedroom, showing you technical and construction features of each piece of furniture and providing information on all new SABER products.


Quality Made In Italy

Each step of the production is realized is handcrafted in Italy with passion and expertise. Coming from a great family history of carpenters, we are aware that each production stage is to be carried out with the highest of the care for the details. Our experts pay maximum attention to each aspect of the production in order to create real design furniture.

Curved elements

The structure of the curved elements is made of multilayer wood. Poplar multilayer wood sheets are glued together using elaborated techniques and put in curved molds that ensure absolutely precise bowing in each individual piece.


We use high quality varnishes are durable and resistant to cleaning products. Paint cycles are numerous and fully protect wood with soft and bright finishes.

Leather and hide

We use leather of excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance, and the cow split is carefully tanned and dyed using special techniques to ensure shine and waterproofing.